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Compute average sulcal depths of F99-registered atlas regions

Given a selected atlas that is registered to the F99 cortical surface, this tool counts the average sulcal depth of each atlas region by taking the median/average sulcal depth of its vertices.
The following paint files from the Van Essen lab are used:
  • Macaque.F99.COMPOSITE.74k_f99.ascii.paint
  • M129.R.Markov_CC10_Areas.74k_f99.paint
  • M132.L.areas_F2-injection.74k_f99.paint
  • Macaque.F99UA1.RegionalMap.73730.ascii.paint

The following surface shape files from the Van Essen lab are used:
  • Macaque.F99.BOTH-HEMS_73730_ascii.surface_shape
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