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Generate a connectivity matrix from a list of axonal projections

Generate a connectivity matrix from the output of the Axonal Projections service.
First run the axonal projections service to produce a temporary AxonalProjections_XXX table in the database.
There are then two ways to view the resulting connectivity matrix:
  1. Use the search wizard with its interactive display.
  2. Use the service below to save a matrix that can be imported by other software.
Database version:
Axonal projections table:
Optional: use the search wizard to select rows of the axonal projections table that meet your demands.
Copy the URL of the results page in the field below.
Search wizard URL to constrain rows of this table (empty=all):
Brainsite list to use as axon origins (empty=auto):
Brainsite list to use as axon terminals (empty=auto):
Generate square matrix:
Merge multiple reports:
Show laminar patterns (experimental):
Output format:
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