Macaque structural connectivity at your fingertips

Welcome to the new CoCoMac website (background of the redevelopment).
The site at will be kept in the air, as long as it provides functionality that is not available here.
For future developments of this site, see this perspective article.

This site

  • Provides full, scriptable open access to the data in CoCoMac. If you use CoCoMac-derived data for your research you must adhere to our citation policy.
  • Powers the graphical interface to CoCoMac provided by the Scalable Brain Atlas
  • Sports an extensive search/browse wizard, which automatically constructs complex search queries and lets you further explore the database from the results page.
  • Allows you to get your hands dirty, by using the custom SQL query service.
  • Displays connectivity data in tabular form, through the axonal projections service.

CoCoMac 2 was initiated at the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour, and is currently supported by the German neuroinformatics node and the Computational and Systems Neuroscience group at the Juelich research institute.

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